Custom-Built Pole Barns

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Cascade Custom Construction Idaho

Why Choose Us for Custom-Built Pole Barns Project in Idaho?

We craft custom pole barns designed for both usability and aesthetics. Built to last with high-quality materials, our pole barns provide long-lasting value and enjoyment for generations.

Designed for Utility, Created for Value.

Beyond Barndominiums

We specialize in crafting custom pole barns too.

Functional & Beautiful

Designed for both usability and aesthetics.

Utility at the Forefront

Accommodating workshops, studios, storage, and even living spaces.

High-Quality Materials & Efficient Practices

Built to last and providing long-lasting value.

Generational Enjoyment

A structure for your family to use and cherish for years to come.


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Built To Last Quality Barndominiums

Why Choose a Pole Barns?


Saves on meterials and constructions


Design your dream layout


Steel frame withstands harsh weather


Open design & insulation save energy

Quick Build Time

Move in faster than a stick-built home

Ready to Transform

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